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He’s Everything to Me



Published in 1967, “He’s Everything to Me” was Ray’s first album recorded in this new direction.

    1. Turn It Over To Jesus
    2. It’s Jesus Coming For Me
    3. It’s Free
    4. Be Kind Tryin’
    5. What This World Needs
    6. All My Life
    7. He’s Everything To Me
    8. Get To Doin’
    9. The Man
    10. I’m Free
    11. Good News, Children Of God Never Die!
    12. If I Live, Well Praise The Lord
The Hey Paula Story book cover

The Hey Paula Story


On October 6, 1962, two college students from an obscure college in West Texas, drove to Ft. Worth and dropped in, unannounced, at a small recording studio. When the scheduled artist failed to appear, the two students were given the opportunity to record their song. A few months later “Hey, Paul” was at the top of the charts in the U.S., Europe, Japan, and anywhere in the world there were radio stations playing American music. This is the true story of how one song came to be, and how something so simple can change the lives of so many.