Phrogs, Pharaohs and Phorgiveness



An uplifting collaboration of musical joy from Land & Hildebrand, a musical collaboration between Paul Land and Ray Hildebrand that spans over 2 decades.

Released in 1986.

    1. You Can’t Go Wrong Doin’ Right
    2. Frog Kissin’
    3. More Or Less
    4. Papa Was A Big Man
    5. Joe The Toe
    6. Not By Might
    7. The Prodigal In F
    8. Seven On Fifth Street
    9. One More Night With The Frogs
    10. Health Food
    11. From The First Bite


Paul Land and Ray Hildebrand, have over 60 years of combined experience in music, from travels all over the world. They have spent years harmonizing & “humorizing”, developing their own special brand of musical mayhem. Whether it’s original songs or borrowed delights, their special brand of music will lift your heart and your spirits.


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